US adopts the Ostrich as new climate change logo

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Two years ago when Al Gore warned that climate change was a threat, the flat-earthers in congress said the VP was as misguided as Darwin.

This week, congressional climate skeptics got support for their position as news from all corners confirmed that the weather everywhere is “CAVU” (a pilot’s term for blissful weather – “Ceilings And Visibility Unlimited”.) Everything‘s hunky-dory.

By way of proof that all is bliss, I offer this summery of the weeks’ weather news.

  • On Monday, Montana closed a 50-mile stretch of Interstate 90 because the flooding was so severe that it left several thousand Lodge Grass residents cut off from the rest of the state. Governor Schweitzer declared a statewide emergency as massive areas in southeaster Montana went underwater.
  • On Sunday an F4 tornado with sustained winds of 198 miles per hour ripped through Missouri and leveled major parts of Joplin, injuring at least 500 and killing 116 people. Experts trace the cause to the surface water in the Gulf of Mexico that is 2 degrees warmer than normal.
  • The Navy announced that they are planning to police expanding world seas that will cover about a fifth more of the earth, the result of melting ice in the Arctic.
  • Flooding from melting winter ice in Siberia is causing profound changes. Winters that used to reach 50C are a comparatively mild 30C which is causing permafrost to melt. The nomadic people of the tundra’s are having to buy refrigerators in a land where the permafrost previously kept meat cold during the winter.
  • That mecca of European winter sports, The Swiss Alps, is threatened by less snow and more melting ice. The temperature increase is such that scientists predict the Alps will split into two sections.
  • Mayor Daily and now Mayor Emanuel are proceeding with plans to deal with a new climate in the windy city. Chicago will be more like the deep south. The NY Times reported that in the twenty century, Chicago averaged fewer than 15 days over 90 degrees, but by the end of this century it will have as many as 72 days. Heat-related deaths will reach 1,200 a year. Weather extremes — freezes and fast thaws — will create billions of dollars’ worth of damage to building facades, bridges and roads.
  • Russia, where severe drought and heat cut into that nation’s wheat production last year, has this week reported 421 wildfires in a 24 hour period covering a 450 square mile area. The fires were mainly confined to remote parts of Siberia and the Urals, but the area on fire is twice the size of that for the same period last year.

In related news, Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, analyzed the campaign statements of the more than 100 new GOP members of Congress, and found 50% of them to be climate change skeptics.

Ah the rapture of it all.

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