Spin Bin Tumber-Styled Composter

Spin Bin Composter – Tumbler Style – 100% Recycled Plastic Bin


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Value priced and of 100 % recycled plastic

The Spin Bin is an above-ground tumbling bin which rotates on a solid -steel axis. It accepts kitchen, lawn and garden scraps and produces earthy compost in as little as 21 days, more typically in four weeks.

These important features:
• Unique tumbling action tips the contents from top to bottom to give maximum aeration.
• Grass clippings composted easily either on their own or mixed with other ingredients.
• At least four loads of compost can be produced in the time it takes traditional methods to produce one.
• Composting using a vertical tumbling action with dual-end, twist lock, animal-resistant vented lids that allow for easy filling and emptying of the bin. They also insure maximum aeration.
• Accomplish all this without the need for any chemical starter!
• Creates an aerobic action that enables a quick and odorless form of composting.

•60 gallon capacity
1 inch thick, powder-coated steel legs
100 percent recycled plastic
Dual-locking lids – makes it so easy to add materials – no matter which end is up
Assembled Dimensions: 26″ W x 32.5″ D x 45″ H

Has 20 ventilation slots, the Spin Bin Tumbling Composter has superior aeration compared to other tumbling composters. These slots are also drainage holes for the compost tea to easily drain out into the soil.
Easy assembly – you’ll need only a Phillips screwdriver to put the bin together
Sealed, off ground design keeps pests away

Other important benefits:
• Excellent source of free organic fertilizer
• Conserves water during periods of drought
• Completely safe for children and pets
• Produces abundant yields of flowers and vegetables
• Increases moisture retention when used as a mulch or soil amendment
• Reduces curbside garbage by 20% to 50%
• Helps plants build disease resistance

Why make your own compost? To save money and enrich your garden.
There’s no better way to smother weeds, retain moisture and pamper plants than with a top-dressing of rich, dark compost. It feeds them gently, helps build disease resistance, improves the soil and produces better yields.

But store-bought compost is expensive. A 2” to 3” layer of compost, enough to cover an average 500 square foot vegetable garden, runs around $100. Of course, you can always make a compost pile. You need strength, a place for your compost pile where it won’t be an eyesore, and you’ll need patience. Leave it alone and it will take a year or more to decompose. Turn it regularly with a pitchfork—not an effortless job—and it will still take months.

The alternative is the Spin Bin which will pay for itself quickly in fertilizer costs. It’s far easier to use and it will speed up the composting process.

Give your Spin Bin a daily spin and you’ll be rewarded with earthy dark brown compost in a few short weeks. (The exact timing varies depending on factors such as weather and composting materials.) The Spin BIn is easy to turn–even when full. Vented lids allow for even air flow and drainage.

Assembly takes a short time only. After that, just toss in some composting material – food scraps, leaves and grass clippings that otherwise go to waste. There are lids on both ends for easy loading and unloading. Complete instructions are included.

With the Spin Bin, you’ll have free organic fertilizer and mulch as well. Order from My Green Mind today.

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 26 × 34 in

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