Mini-Grow Farm Ideal for Apartment Dwellers and Patios


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The greenest way to get food is to grow it at the point of consumption.
The MyGroStand creates a mini growing farm that’s ideal for apartment dwellers. Grow up to $500 of produce, eat fresh, and have a garden that is more secure from pests or weeds.

  • ideal for patios, apartment balconies
  • the elevated mini-farm makes gardening easy on your back
  • 4 foot x 2.5 foot growing area
  • ultra durable plastic construction
  • eat fresh and healthy
  • no or minimal weeding
  • no pests
  • no  bending over
  • grow tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, salads, herbs, flowers



BASE heavy duty plastic base:  4′ x 2.5′ 

STAND: raises base 20 inches and accommodates a reservoir for indoor or hydroponic gardening, The stand has 4 vertical supports and 4 horizontal support panels

TOP: the trellis and the frame. Plants grow up the trellis which can be set horizontally or vertically   
SHIELD: OPTIONAL and not included

  • extends the growing season
  • insulates to help prevent plants from freezing in cooler weather or scorching in the sun
  • lets rain and water through to water the plants
  • protects plants from pets, bugs and weed seeds as well as from small animals. Has zipper access
  • chinches with a drawstring cord 
Weight 50 lbs
Zipper Shield

With optional zipper shield included, Without optional shield

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