European Sponge-Cloth Model 20 – Three to a package


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Euro Sponge-Cloth #20.
Say goodbye to landfill-clogging paper towels with this greener alternative.

Why are these sponges green?

  • no toxicants at harmful doses
  • no animal testing
  • one sponge replaces 17 rolls of paper towels for clean-ups
  • disposal overview: 95% biodegradable

The average American adult uses 650 pounds of paper annually and much of it is paper towels. It takes a 20 foot pine tree to make that much paper. And paper towels clog landfills, are not reusable, and have you noticed that they cost more nearly every trip to the supermarket? May we suggest a superior, greener alternative that’s made from biodegradable, reusable sustainable pine. No wonder it’s getting such great press.

Why are some sponges greener than others? Making a greener sponge is a challenging process–one that only a handful of producers undertake. Cellulose sheets (100% tree fiber) are mixed with cotton and heated into a liquid that is poured into large molds. Salt particles are added to the mix to create the familiar holes. The mix is then dried as a giant block, sliced into various shapes, rinsed sparkling clean, combined with an antibacterial agent, and finally packaged. Here’s the point when it comes to keeping green. The sponge making process can lead to a lot of waste, since billions of sponges are produced every year. The sponges we sell are made of cellulose sourced from renewable tree farms. 99.97% of any production waste created in the process is reused—a method that minimizes the effect on the environment.

House Beautiful Magazine– “eco-friendly and made from sustainable pine. Absorbent and reusable.”
CBS Lifestyle Personality – Steve O’Brien: “This one absorbs like a paper towel but is really reusable without staying slimy. Also biodegrades, this bad boy will last so long you may never buy paper towels again.”
Boston Home Magazine – “biodegradable sponges…that replace 17 rolls of paper towels”

Your naked and natural sponge used no dyes and it is 100% cellulose. Use your the Naked Sponge for everything from spills to regular kitchen cleanup. When your sponge is worn out in time, you’ll be glad to know it is biodegradable.
They work well. They cost less. So why not go green when it comes to sponges too!

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in

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