100_LED Low Power Use, Long Lasting Flashlight


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Superior performance over old-style conventional flashlights. 

Personal note on this light from My Green Mind. This is an awsome flashlight and very powerful. A staff member walks his dogs in a dark park at night and it lights up the whole walking area. Also, the flashlight uses AA batteries and since LED’s drain minimally, they last a long time. We like the non-slip, rubberized handle and  find it comfortable. The flashlight is durable and we give it a real tumbs up.

Water resistant construction. Extra long life compared to less green, old-style lights

Conventional incandescent flashlight bulbs have a comparatively short lifetime. They drain electricity which creates cost and battery waste for our landfills. Modern, greener flashlights like this one project an intensely-bright bean through 100 LEDs that have a lifetime of over 10,000 hours. They also use much less electricity. For example, expect about a full 20 hours of continuous light from a set of four quality ‘AA’ batteries. Let’s see a standard flashlight last that long!

What is more, our flashlight has a tough shock resistant and water resistant. The 6 3/4 inch diameter flashlight lens is scratch-resistant. Uses four ‘AA’ batteries that are not included. Why not go really green and combine this flashlight with our eneloope batteries that keep their charge as well as old-style alkaline batteries yet are rechargeable. NOTE: Warning: looking directly into this flashlight’s bean may cause eye damage. Use caution when using.

  • flashlight has durable non-slip rubberized grip over an aluminum body
  • easy click on and off gingle button
  • save in the long run with the lower power drain of an LED flashlight


  • 7 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches (H x W x D)
  • Comes without a product box…but arrives in a shipping box of coruse.
  • scratch-resistant lens
  • hand strap
  • aluminum
  • scratch-resistant lens
  • hand strap
  • non-slip rubberized handle
  • water resistant
  • LEDs in this flashlight havn a 10,000 hour expected lifetime
  • LEDs have much less battery drain over convention bulb flashlights
Weight2 lbs

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