Green Battery – Eneloop 4 pack – rechargeable AAA batteries



Why use the old style rechargeable batteries when our new-technology greener batteries will hold a charge for up to a year, save you money, and help reduce toxic waste in our landfills? They are suprior rechargables thanks to an amazing technical advance. You can also recharge them for up to 1000 times. They last longer than standard alkaline batteries and are better for the environment because they are rechargeable. Why pay for old style toxic batteries when you can save more and save Mother with the new ones?

Stay greener and be free of the annoyances you once didn’t like about rechargeable batteries–the ones that quickly lost their charge. These do not—and think of the impact on landfills and the nation’s underground water supplies from the reduction of chemicals dumped in landfills. 

Did you know? You can also be use this battery with our optional AAA spacer packs. It coverts AAAs so you can use them as C or D batteries also.

Weight 1 lbs

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