The Power, from I Michael Grossman, author of SHRINKWRAPPED


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That breathing behind you is Edwin.

He’s a curious choice for the ancient who grants men the Power of invisibility. But why Edwin – an inconsequential insurance actuarial?

Edwin’s existential dive begins with a visit the Metropolitan Museum. The boy Pharaoh Tutankhamen bestows Edwin with reality-altering Power and his transformation begins. A man routinely ignored by women, initially Edwin uses The Power, his invisibility, to attract them. When he’s fired from his job by his nemesis Imelda, he uses The Power to gather insider secrets from the FDA, then games the stock market and gets rich. But on a visit to the FDA, Edwin overhears White House executives planning, for political reasons, to squash a stem cell based cure for Parkinson’s disease. Because Edwin’s mom died of that horrible illness, the political cynicism he encounters enrages him. He exposes the plot at a White House press conference unlike any ever held.

Our meek actuarial evolves with new adventures and he begins to better understand the true nature of personal power. His relationships with women evolve too and he sees why he was chosen to receive The Power. As altruism replaces the greed that drove his initial use of power, he devises a plan to prevent a military confrontation that has global consequences. He infiltrates the bio-tech industry, and nearly dies for his efforts to help the hungry.

Edwin’s adventures explore personal power: when it degrades the human character and when it fulfill us. 

As an invisibility fantasy, The Power follows an archetypal tradition that began with Wells’ classic The Invisible Man and continued with Potter’s cloak. The Power, explores power within that tradition, using the metaphor to ask how each of us handles our personal power. It’s a vicarious ride that leaves readers feeling more empowered than ever before.

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