Shrinkwrapped: My First Fifty Years on the Couch


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Perhaps the world’s longest coming-of-age story,


shows how one man

successfully battled depression to find happiness—at last.

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In a blue-collar Michigan town where corporal punishment was seen as positive parenting, troubled families rarely sought professional help. But Michael Grossman’s teachers, seeing a painfully depressed child, sent him to see a Freudian psychoanalyst at age 8. It was the first of a parade of therapies that would include Rogerian bear-hugs, Gestalt dream analysis, Rolfing, Bioenergetics and many more–all during a search to end bouts of mind-numbing sadness.

Sitting beside Michael on a succession of “shrinks’” couches, the reader follows his progress through one defense after another until he finally finds the keys to overcoming depression and the way to achieve a joyful capacity to care for others.

Untangling the complex, sometimes eccentric and other times abusive family relationships that enmeshed his Midwestern boyhood in the mid-20th century, the author finally faces fundamental truths that lead to a profound transformation.

By turns funny, poignant and shocking, Shrinkwrapped is a story of hope, of growing insight and ultimately of love reborn.

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What critics say:

“Grossman has spent dozens of years and thousands of dollars talking to shrinks – so we don’t have to. Just when you know you have to give up on life,” concludes Grossman, “It turns around and bathes you in its goodness.” Read this; maybe there is enough sunshine to go around!”
William T. Merkel, Ph.D., ABPP, Diplomat in Clinical Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology.

“Shrinkwrapped describes Michal Grossman’s progress as a patient moving from the “not I” to the “I am” state. The consciousness he has developed allows him to share his truly rewarding journey with the world.”  Dr. Anneliese Widman, PhD, Author of: My Female My Male, Myself and God; a Modern Woman in Search of her Soul; Rage at God: Ascending to Reunion; Aquarian Amazon; When Spirit Takes Over; Unleashing Satan’s Grip: Psychological and Spiritual Healing.


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