A Renewable World. Energy, Ecology, Equality


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By Herbert Girardet

& Miguel Mendonca

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We have turned our home planet into a disposable world, using resources as though there were no tomorrow. It is time to make it a renewable world instead.

We must urgently reconcile two things: our common desire to achieve certain living standards, and our requirement to do so sustainably. And we must do this in the face of the quadruple crisis facing us – climate, energy, finance and poverty.

This timely book explores proven and emerging solutions for building a global green energy economy as a basis for a prosperous and yet sustainable world. Only a world based on continuous renewal can sustain life and livelihoods. This book shares many examples and proposals for:

  • accelerating the renewable energy revolution,
  • renewing the world’s ecosystems and soils,
  • renewing cities and local economies, and
  • invigorating international cooperation

It is a book full of ideas whose time has come..

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