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Home air with test kit and lab analysis

Home air with test kit and lab analysis Save 5% with Coupon.


The EPA says that the air in the average home is worse than the air in most downtown cities.

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Laboratory results find contaminants in your home or small office. Our kits let you sample the air and get the lab results for hundreds of dollars less.

The EPA says one in three Americans are exposed to home air contaminants that are potentially health harming influences. Chief among them are:

Bacteria – airborne bacteria
Carcinogenic Fibers – asbestos and fiberglass
Dander – insect and pet dander, a factor in allergy issues for some
Dust – common allergens
Mold – 50 types of species can be detected
Pollencount levels  NOTE: Pollen is no longer included in the full analysis test.

Now, for much less than it used to cost, you can easily sample the air in you own home or small office and have it tested by My Green Mind’s laboratory partner, the leader in home air quality testing. Choose from 13 kits to look for various of the contaminants listed above. Because you collect the sample yourself using patented Jossam filters from respected Techtron Engineering, the lab work costs a lot less. The laboratory results you get back from our testing partner are determined by professionals using industry accepted methods.

Choose from 13 home test kits shown below. You’ll find one tailored for your exact needs.
Or get the Full Air Analysis kit
that tests for all of the above.
Note: Full analysis kit does NOT include asbestos testing which requires a separate test kit and goes to a different lab for testing. Note 2: Pollen is no longer included in the full analysis test.

It’s really easily to sample the air and get lab reports with the patented Jossam filter kit.
Test using your forced air furnace filter or a vacuum cleaner with an attachment hose. (There’s even a third way – using an office stand alone flat fan.)

Q: How hard is it to test?
Actually, it’s easy. You do it with the filter in our test kit which is placed in your home forced air furnace filter. Or, test using any home vacuum cleaner that has a hose attachment (even use a shop vac.)

air testing filter

Testing filter to determine level of contaminants:



Video for testing via the vacuum method




Video for testing via the furnace method




Q: When I return my kit filter after running the simple test, what kind of information do I get back from the lab?
A: Here’s a summary from a dust and mold kit report.

Summary Totals      Your Results           Units
Total Dust                140.340                   Particles per cubic meter
Mold                           3,680                    Spores per cubic meter
Total Dust – Your results shown above are within average levels for most homes. “Average” is defined as less than 250,000 particles per cubic meter. Keep in mind that there are no government-regulated levels for house dust.

Mold Spores
Mode spores identified              Concentration              Range
Penicillium Aspergillus sp                 3,680                           Low
While the overall mold count is acceptable, an individual mold species can be defined as high if it is in higher quantities than outdoors, or if it a species not commonly found in outdoor air.
Your results shown above are within average levels for most homes.

Mold Ranges Defined:
Low: 1-4000; below normal levels found in indoor/outdoor air
Average: 4001 – 10,000; normal levels found in indoor/outdoor air
High: 10,001 to 30.000; above normal
Very High: 30.000 + ; problem may exist in your home- recommend further testing/investigation
See an actual report for a dust and mold test kit score.

See an actual report for asbestos and also for the full testing (which does not include asbestos).

Q: What do I do about the test results after I get them?
 Knowing what you’re breathing is the first, essential step. Depending on the results, you may decide to take the next step which is remediation. Techtron and My Green Mind do not sell remediation services.
You will need to seek these locally in your community, or find a specialist through your state’s Department of Health.
You may also choose to provide your test results to your family physician.

Q: Does the report compare my home or office to safe levels?
A: Yes 

Q: Can I test the air in a particular room?
A: Our test kits contain one test filter which is all you will need to test overall household air. If you want to evaluate a particular room or rooms individually, purchase a test kit for each room you want to test. In this case, you would not test using the forced air furnace method (one of three methods). Instead, you would use the vacuum method shown in our video. Or, you could use the flat fan test method.

Note: The Asbestos kit and testing option shown below may not be combined with the other kits and is purchased separately.
Note: You can expect test results back from the labs about 7 days after they receive your test kit. However please add one week’s time if your kit includes bacteria testing or asbestos testing.
Please note. Test kits ship from the lab, not our office, so delivery times may differ by a day or two from those specified at time of checkout.

Q: What’s the difference between the two Carcinogenic Fiber tests and the Asbestos only test, since asbestos is itself a carcinogenic fiber?

A: The Carcinogenic Fiber Test includes ALL airborne filters, so it will include things like cellulose, cotton, fiberglass, and also asbestos. This test does not identify the types of fibers, it is only broker down by fiber size. High quantities of small fibers, regardless of type, are considered to be carcinogenic. If you need to identify asbestos specifically, The Asbestos Only Kit counts and will positively identify just the asbestos fibers. If you need to know if you have asbestos fibers specifically, then the lab recommends that you do the Asbestos Only (TEM) test.”

Questions? We’re here to help. Call us at 401-487-3818 or email us for answers.

Q: Is the lab that does the testing a certified lab?

A. Techtron operates an onsite, accredited in-house laboratory that tests for lead, mold, asbestos, and test drinking water. Qualifications include AIHA-LAP, LLC and staff includes an on-staff licensed professional Engineer (PE) and an on-staff Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)

Choose below from 13 kits:
Kit + Dust testing – $24.95
Kit + Dust and Mold testing – $39.95
Kit + Carcinogenic fibers and Dust testing – $39.95
Kit + Dander and Dust testing – $56.95
Kit + Pollen and Dust testing – $49.95
Kit + Bacteria and Dust testing – $101.95
Kit + Mold, Dander and Dust testing – $71.95
Kit + Mold, Pollen and Dust testing – $65.95
Kit + Dust, Mold, Carcinogenic fiber testing – $64.95
Kit + Mold, Bacteria and Dust testing – $114.95
Kit + Carcinogenic fibers, Bacteria and Dust testing – $114.95
Kit + Full Analysis the entire package EXCEPT ASBESTOS – $184.95   (Asbestos testing which is done at a different lab.)

Kit + Asbestos fibers ONLY – Sold as separate product- $96.95

Choose your choice of kit in the drop down box above. Price includes lab report. See sample report report.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in
Test Kit Type

Kit + Asbestos fibers ONLY. Sold as a separate product, Kit + Bacteria and Dust testing, Kit + Carcinogenic fibers and Dust testing, Kit + Carcinogenic fibers, Bacteria and Dust testing, Kit + Dander and Dust testing, Kit + Dust and Mold testing, Kit + Dust testing, Kit + Dust, Mold, and Carcinogenic fiber testing, Kit + Full Analysis – the entire package, Kit + Mold, Bacteria and Dust testing, Kit + Mold, Dander and Dust testing, Kit + Mold, Pollen and Dust, Kit + Pollen and Dust testing

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