“I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ babies…”

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Miss Prissy’s classic 1939 line from Gone With The Wind says it best. The world hasn’t a clue about what to do with its children. Their behavior’s not the problem. It’s about the sheer number of births. We’re overpopulating the planet at an unparalleled rate and no one wants to face the obvious: this issue drives every other green concern. We’re running out of natural resources, and despite our uncanny ability to imitate the ostrich, we’ll have to face the fact sooner than most of us thought.

I’ll sum it up one statistic. To feed our fellow man, from the moment you read this blog until 2050, our planet needs to produce as much food as man grew in the last 8000 years.

We can support all the green initiatives, and we should, but we only delay the inevitable fights for food. Okay, depending on your age maybe not for you. But probably for your kids and certainly for theirs…unless we deal with the global need to control population. That too many babies are coming is at the core of energy consumption, air pollution, the deterioration of our aquifers and the loss of hundreds of precious animal species.

Did I mention our need to feed the 9.1 billion hungry mouths that the UN says will want dinner in 2050?

Did I forget to say that despite lower fertility levels, by 2050 we will be adding 34 million new inhabitants annually…or about four New York city’s every twelve months?

Aggrandize science all we want, but no genetically modified corn stalk can keep up with that kind of growth. My Green Mind reported in our last blog that World grain production was down 2%, not up. (Grain declines are linked to climate change, yet another phenomena stemming from population growth.)

To bring it home, you’ve been to the supermarket. Since when did a bag of grapes cost $6.00? Food prices aren’t exactly stable, and this is just a hint of what’s coming. But it will help if we keep this issue in the front of our minds and on the tip of our tongues.

At least we should talk about how to cope with all the babies we‘re birthin’.

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